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Age:43 (yes, that’s my stage age)
Gender: Queer
Sign: Carcinogen
City,State: New York Fuckin City

Few Sentences about yourself (make it sassy and fun)

I’m a pervy frat boy happily engulfed in a voluptuous shell. I say dude and bro a lot and have no qualms being attached to a futon for four days in the same pair of sweatpants.

My primary sexual focus is to make my lovers cum.  I don’t want to stay over.  I don’t want breakfast.  I want to seduce you, tease you, fuck you, and make you cum.  Your orgasms and my ego have a very strong connection.1.Why did you decide to do an erotic film?

The shorthand answer is I was doing camera work for a scene in Public School.  I had a blast and wanted to be more involved.
The longhand answer is I have wanted to do porn since I was 19, but have been terribly insecure about my body.  I admit I still have body issues, and am in the process of getting over my bullshit and telling everyone to worship my chunk! I’m going through a sexual rediscovery and I like to explore all avenues.  I love that my path will be documented.  People like me are seldom represented in the porn industry without being subjected to fetishism or tokenism.  Queer porn fancies itself to be against that, but to be honest I haven’t seen much to prove otherwise.  Not enough people of color or fuller bodies coming to audition? HERE I AM.

2. Who is the most interesting person you’ve ever met?
The most interesting person I have ever met is my long lost friend, Davie.  He’s a beautiful boy with a beautiful energy.  While he wasn’t my first queer identified friend, he was my first introduction to the queer world.  Other queer friends would just say, “I’m queer”, then get back to whatever the hell they were doing with their bikes.  I had no idea what queer meant to them, and before I met Davie, never knew that it was possible for me to have that identity.  I always defaulted to lesbian because I didn’t know anything else.  Davie shared his queer world and weed with me, and I really believe he put me on the right path to self discovery.  

3. Madonna or Beyonce?
Madonna gave birth to these bitches. NEXT QUESTION!!

4. What Talent would you like to have?
I would love the talent to be fearless.  I know I have missed out on many beautiful, scary, and enriching experiences because of fear.  Look how long it took me to do porn!

5. What is your guiltiest pleasure?
Hedonists don’t have guilty pleasures.

6. What is your favorite book?
I love She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb.  I picked up the book because it has a really cool cover, and I find the phrase “come undone” to be highly erotic.  I wasn’t expecting to find a fictional character whose life mimicked mine-especially since that fictional character was created by a man.   His ability to write in a female voice was mind blowing.

7. Better to serve in Heaven …or Reign in Hell ?
I believe heaven and hell are states of mind.  My level of masochism is very low, so ruling even my own personal hell is unfavorable.  I’d much rather be a servant to my own bliss.